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After a quarter century of working for both small and large home improvement companies in the Twin Cities area, and seeing first hand how things are done right and done wrong, the Founder decided it was time to create a home improvement company that actually valued the home owner more than the dollar. It is with this old fashioned notion that National Home Improvement has distinguished itself from all other contracting companies.

The founder and owner of National Home Improvement sales contractors LLC, Donald J. Gaetke, is a long time resident of Minnesota. He's a United States Army Infantry veteran and comes from a family with a strong military background as both of his parents served in the United States Air Force.

Most of his adult working life has been spent working for some of the largest and smallest home improvement companies in the nation like Sears, Century 21, Pace Setters, Custom Remodelers, ABC Siding, Menard's, and Custom Creations Remodeling. He has performed every duty and responsibility from sweeping floors in warehouses, outside sales, inside sales, and marketing, to management.

His motivation for establishing National Home Improvement was born out of the shockingly low customer satisfaction rates in the industry. The obvious problem was a lack of customer service, and in some cases even disrespect for the home owners. He felt that this industry wide anti-social trend could be reversed but only if he lead the charge as an owner himself.

At first he was reluctant to take the steps to become an owner and shoulder the huge responsibility that goes with it, but the industry was only getting worse by the day, and it was beginning to effect his sensibilities and integrity as a person. He knew that if a company would put the customer first, dissatisfaction levels would immediately drop. He knew that if he brought the old fashioned idea of servicing the customer first and foremost, home owners would not only respond well, but in fact would be thrilled as though it were an entirely new experience. An experience that not only gets the job done right by using the finest products available, but at the same time makes it an absolute pleasure for the home owner from start to finish. It is with this new but old idea that this company continues to dine at the table of success today.

Proudly, "Making Minnesota Homes Great Again One Roof At A Time!"

Donald J. Gaetke
National Home Improvement sales contractors LLC
Lic. #CR702177

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